A New Year at the TAP Network

February 1, 2021

A New Year at the TAP Network

By John Romano and Claudia Villalona, TAP Network Secretariat


There is no doubt that 2020 was a difficult year. The global pandemic had profound impacts on TAP’s planned programming for the year, effectively eliminating all in-person capacity-building initiatives and opportunities to mobilize at in-person events such as HLPF and the SDG16 Annual Showcase. This dramatic shift in operations for TAP led to an entirely virtual means of engagement, requiring significant time to reconfigure the strategy for mobilizing and engaging its Members and Partners. The TAP Network’s core mission is to support the membership during these especially challenging times to continue the collective work of advancing SDG16 and the 2030 Agenda. To this end, the Secretariat set up a new Membership Engagement Portal, to communicate engagement opportunities, as well as this very blog platform and “TAP Network ” vlog interview series to facilitate ongoing dialogue. 

After a tumultuous year of adapting to the reality of the pandemic, the TAP Network remains committed to providing support, resources, and opportunities to the network. In an effort to further strengthen engagement, collaboration and partnership amongst its Membership, TAP will look to continue to further develop its Members and Partners platforms in 2021. This focus on improving virtual engagement with TAP’s Members and Partners will continue to be a significant focus throughout all of 2021. 

New Steering Committee Co-Chairs

First and foremost, it is with great excitement to announce that the TAP Steering Committee has elected Ms. Jean Scrimgeour from Accountability Lab and Ms. Judith Kaulem from Poverty Reduction Forum Trust as the 2021 Co-Chairs. Peter van Sluijs from CSPPS and Judith provided invaluable leadership serving  as Co-Chairs in 2020 during a critical moment for the community. 

2021 Work Plan 

With the new year in full swing, the TAP Network is pleased to release the 2021 Work Plan, which outlines the key objectives and workstreams TAP hopes to focus on this year. After reflecting on the valuable feedback collected from members and partners during the Membership Refresh process, the TAP Secretariat and Steering Committee plan to continue to focus on strengthening virtual Membership Engagement to facilitate meaningful engagement, effective communication, and collaboration amongst the membership. 

Also on the suggestion from the membership, TAP will also prioritize its efforts around advocacy initiatives, including mobilizing around HLPF 2021, showcasing the efforts of TAP Partners’ important work, and reviewing and revising key TAP resources, including the SDG16 Advocacy toolkit. All of these aforementioned initiatives will be designed with the aim to foster ownership by providing the membership with opportunities to lead and contribute, as well as facilitating cross-member collaboration within the network. 

Membership Platform

Following up on the recent TAP Network Membership Refresh that concluded in December of 2020, the TAP Secretariat has since updated the Membership list accordingly and is in the process of building out a comprehensive Membership platform on the TAP Network website, including a membership directory and interactive map. The current work in progress can be accessed on the TAP website at  www.tapnetwork2030.org/members. The platform is designed to serve as an entry point for both network members and external audiences to get to know the membership and foster an environment of collaboration and partnership. 

SDG 16 Toolkit Update 

In 2021, TAP will also update and revise its marquee resource, the Goal 16 Advocacy Handbook, first published in 2015. The updated resource will contain new practical guidance, as well as reflections on implementation and review over the past five years. The TAP Secretariat has convened its first meeting with the lead author and the SDG16 Toolkit Advisory group, composed of TAP partners, to begin the drafting process. In the near future, the Secretariat will begin to solicit case studies from TAP partners to be featured in the toolkit. The release date is tentatively set for summer of 2021, ahead of HLPF 2021. 

Showcasing Initiatives

The TAP Secretariat will plan to offer greater opportunities for members and partners to showcase their work and amplify their message to leverage consequential, transnational spaces. To this end, the Secretariat is in the process of hiring a Communications and Outreach Associate that will dedicate themselves to advocating for the membership, deepening impact, and expanding the network’s reach. The sharing of civil society stories is key to advancing SDG16 as the framework to tackle issues relating to peace, justice, and inclusion– the foundation of the 2030 Agenda. Therefore, the secretariat is committed to raising awareness in order to center the conversation around SDG16, mobilize under the shared framework, and promote the work of civil society as a critical element to realizing the future we want. 

As the new year brings hope and new challenges, the TAP Network remains committed to supporting its membership and advancing the collective work of SDG16 and the 2030 Agenda.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed on the TAP Network Blog Platform are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the TAP Network. Any content provided by our bloggers or authors are of their opinion.

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