African Law Foundation (AFRILAW)

Africa, SDG16.1, SDGs
Enugu, Nigeria

About African Law Foundation (AFRILAW)
African Law Foundation (AfriLaw) is non-profit and non-governmental development law organization with a Mission of Advancing the rule of law for sustainable and inclusive development of African society. In line with our vision and mission, our work and services is to:

1. Advance respect for human rights and advance access to justice for all;

2. Ensure inclusive social and economic development and growth;

3 Promote peace and security, transparency, accountability and democratic governance;

4 Improve environmental sustainability and ensure climatic justice;

5 Promote partnership building and collaboration for sustainable development.

Commitment Summary
African Law Foundation (AFRILAW) is very committed to implementing SDG16 through the Nigeria SDG Justice Initiative. AFRILAW has initiated the Nigeria SDG Justice Initiative to promote achievement of SDG16 and other related justice Goals and targets in Nigeria and across the globe. The Nigeria SDG Justice Initiative is the new phase and extension of the Nigeria Justice 2015 Campaign of the African Law Foundation.

Full Commitment
The African Law Foundation (AFRILAW) commits to:

1. Promoting effective implementation of SDG16 and other Justice related Goals and Targets for sustainable and inclusive development of all;

2. Creating awareness and sensitize the justice stakeholders and the general public on all SDGs related justice Goals and Targets;

3. Building partnership and network toward achieving all SDGs Justice related Goals and Targets in Nigeria.