Asia Dalit Rights Forum

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About Asia Dalit Rights Forum
ADRF is a platform of Dalits and those working with Dalits in Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Japan, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka:  committed to the empowerment and emancipation of communities subjected to descent and work based (caste based)discrimination and violence (DWDV).  aiming at addressing violations of the rights and entitlements of these communities, in particular their women and children, in the respective countries as well as collectively in Asia.  Supporting all those communities subjected to DWDV in any part of the world in their noble aspirations and courageous struggles to establish an inclusive society that is marked by equity and equality, dignity and self-governance, justice and freedom.  committed to collaborating with all national and international agencies – civil society organizations and human rights agencies, UN bodies and state institutions espousing the cause of eliminating DWDV and building an inclusive and egalitarian society in Asia, Africa, Europe, and elsewhere in the world.

Commitment Summary
Our commitments include:

1. Strengthening Dalit and Dalit Women civil society formations at country level to safeguard and promote Dalit community rights and entitlements.
2. Forging Asia and Africa regional strategic networks for influencing policy country level and regional level policy changes in favour of Dalit community rights and entitlements.
3. Strengthening lateral linkages at South Asia level to intervene in appropriate regional level political and government forums
4. Strengthening South Asia Region Parliamentarians Forum in support of their interaction with country level Parliamentarians in view of brining in policy changes
5. Building a data base/knowledge pool of informational resources covering descent and work based discriminated communities in South Asia, Asia, Africa and in diaspora regions
6. Engaging country-wise and regional level media agencies for promoting the cause of the communities

Full Commitment

Our commitments fall withing 9 spheres:

1. Fact-finding … on issues of caste based discrimination and violence having a significant bearing on concerned country or the whole of South Asia and Asia region, with follow-up national, regional and international governmental interventions 2. Capacity development … to equip DWD communities with ideas and skills and to generate solidarity feelings among them cutting across all regional boundaries 3. Research … on a range of rights and entitlements denied to descent-work based discriminated (DWD) communities across the region for advocacy purposes resulting policy changes 4. Publications … newsletters, magazines, documents, research materials 5. Discourses … organizing events in the nature of conferences and consultations, seminars and workshops with a view to exchange ideas and experiences, change mindsets and prejudices, forge solidarity efforts, influence policy decisions in country and regional level 6. Networking … forging alliances and building coalitions at different levels: regional inter-community, civil society organizations, parliamentary and judiciary institutions, civil administrative institutions 7. Campaign … for disseminating information to keep DWD communities and civil society informed, creating public opinion in view of policy changes 8. Social Media & Mass Media Networking … to make claims of rights and entitlements of DWD communities forcefully, to disseminate ideas and information on critical issues, to create public opinion, to influence policy making institutions, to demand state transparency and accountability 9. Advocacy & Lobbying … with governance institutions in respective countries and with regional political formations and institutions 10. Generating financial resources …from DWD communities, well-wishers, governmental institutions, etc.