Asia Development Alliance (ADA)

Asia, SDG16.10, SDG16.2, SDG16.3, SDG16.5
Seoul, South Korea

About Asia Development Alliance (ADA) ADA works to promote and advance justice, equality and peace at all levels of society.

Commitment Summary As indicated in the ADA’s mission, its committed to promote justice, equality and peace at all levels of society through engagement in the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development / Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). ADA has done the following:  Developing CSO strategies on SDG 16 during the annual GALA training , through GALA participants from more than 2o countries of Asia  Capacity and awareness building on about 12 Targets of SDG Goal 16 and indicators – global and national , during its various national and regional level consultations/training, especially on  Violence against Children (16.2)  Rule of Law and access to Justice (16.3)  Anti-corruption (16.5)  Right to information (16.10)  Using TAP’s toolkit as a resource guide for the trainers and participants

Full Commitment ADA aims to enhance the effectiveness and impact of civic engagement and advocacy on SDGs at the local and national level with focus on Voluntary National Review (VNR) of UN HLPF and key cross-cutting SDGs such as SDG 16 and some targets of SDG 17. ADA works mostly on 1. Training and Capacity building of the CSOs , through various national, regional and global consultations and trainings. a. Last year (2017), 5 national level meetings (Nepal, Singapore, Myanmar, Bhutan, Mongolia) were organized on SDGs review and mechanism that included presentation on SDG 16 in particular with elaborate discussion on 12 targets. b. The five to seven days GALA in South and East Asia were designed to discuss the shrinking spaces for the civil society (Goal 16) apart from personal SDG story telling keeping Agenda 2030 in mind. All participants were asked to participate in the “SDGs Story Telling” Session where they prepared a 5 min story of what SDGs meant to them and what changes they would make to their thoughts and behavior