Asociación Chilena de ONG ACCION

Latin America and the Caribbean

About The Asociación Chilena de Organismos No Gubernamentales, ACCIÓN
The Asociación Chilena de Organismos No Gubernamentales, ACCIÓN, gathers 55 chilean Human Rights and Development NGOs. ACCION’s focus as national NGO platform is on promoting full access to civil and political rights for every citizen, as well as to ensure the acknowledgement and unrestricted respect of the full array of human rights, including economic, social, cultural and environmental rights. Created in 1993, ACCiÓN was born as a space that seeks to foster collaboration, strengthen and represent the Human Rights and Development NGO sector by providing a platform for ideas, providing tools for the development of their projects, protecting the rights to association and access to resources for the NGO sector, as well as to facilitate spaces for reflection and political agency. As a political actor representing a specific sector of chilean NGOs, ACCION advocacy activities try to contribute to build a fully democratic country, moving towards participatory democracy through more inclusive, transparent and accountable institutions and mechanisms. A central thrust of ACCION advocacy efforts also focus on promoting the full implementation of transversal international agreements that provide new narratives and models of development, like Agenda 2030. Given its institutional mandate of promoting participatory democracy and more transparent and accountable institutions, ACCION gives special attention to promoting the participatory dimension of Agenda 2030 implementation. The enabling quality of participation, accountability and transparency for sustainable development has been translated into a specific focus on SDG 16 within the spotlight report on Agenda 2030 implementation spearheaded by ACCION within the Asocia 2030 coalition in 2017.

Commitment Summary
As our mission statement and organizational mandate outlines, ACCION advocacy focus is promoting irrestricted respect for the full array of human rights, something that could be enable by transforming our democracy towards a more participatory one. Full-fledged participation (not only informative or consultive) can only be achieved by having more inclusive, accountable and transparent institutions – and on the other hand, increased participation is the only mechanism to ensure that institutions stay transparent and accountable, thereby changing the politcal culture within society and its institutions. Agenda 2030 and goal 16 are instrumental in the promotion of a more participatory democracy, and ACCION’s activities and objectives are geared towards its full achievement.

Full Commitment
ACCION is currently spearheading a coalition that gathers two other networks of chilean civil society – Comunidad de Organizaciones Solidarias and Red de Voluntarios-, named ASOCIA 2030. The main focus of ASOCIA 2030 is the promotion of and advocacy on Agenda 2030 implementation. The promotion aspect of the project includes organizing seminars, national and regional workshops, as well as a online course on sustainable development and Agenda 2030 – with a special focus on its participatory dimension. The project also includes joint advocacy activities, which base resides in the formulation of spotlight reports on Agenda 2030 implementation. The 2017 spotlight report can be accesed here At the Latin-American level, ACCION fulfills the role of Technical Secretariat of the regional NGO platform MESA de Articulación, with a main mandate of coordinating MESA’s advocacy efforts within the regional Agenda 2030 implementation process, specifically within the ECLAC Forum on Sustainable Development process, also with a special focus on promoting participation.