Change The System

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About Change The System Change The System is a youth-led, volunteer-driven organization that works to achieve sustainable development worldwide from a systemic change perspective and with a focus on strong youth participation at all levels. At Change The System we work on advocacy at different levels, capacity building among youth, promoting meaningful youth participation, and generating knowledge to change the current system.

Commitment Summary Change The System commits to empower and build capacities among youth leaders about the follow-up and review of implementation processes of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development to enhance accountability with robust youth participation.

Full Commitment Change The System (CTS) aims to promote meaningful participation of Bolivian youth in sustainable development-related processes. In line with this aim, CTS will implement a series of capacity building activities aiming to empower young leaders and developing necessary knowledge and skills that will enable them to become engaged in the implementation, follow-up and review of implementation processes to keep the Bolivian government accountable and enhance transparency in sustainable development policies. The expected change refers to meaningful youth engagement in the VNR process of Bolivia and the consolidation of specific participation mechanisms for youth.