Climate Watch Thailand


About Climate Watch Thailand
Ensure urgent actions are taken towards climate mitigation and adaptation that respect human rights, good governance, equity and justice. We work on the ground with different communities and movements, bringing their voices to be heard, advocating for policy change, enhancing peoples’ participation in the political and decision making process while ensuring our calls are relevant to the peoples and communities we work with.

Commitment Summary
The energy system now lacks good governance –with conflict of interests of those sitting in the decision making bodies. We will engage communities and our constituents through participatory and localisation approaches in following up and monitoring the national SDGs process and implementation to ensure voices of communities are effectively reflected in the climate and energy policy planning and decision making, both at the local and national levels. We will advocate for peoples’ participation, good governance in the climate and energy systems and structures to ensure transparency and accountability.

Full Commitment
We have developed our 5 year strategy (2017-2021) and the priority areas of work are: Climate Justice: CWT ensures the innovative works, activities and new narratives, contributing to global temperature limit of 1.5oC, while ensuring equity and socially just transition to energy sovereignty, making direct connection of climate justice, impacts and human rights, within Thailand and in the regional and global contexts. We work with communities and engaging different marginalised groups to further weaken corporations and further corrode their social license. Building Climate Resilience and Long Term Adaptation: We work on the ground to ensure risks, resilience, adaptation and mitigation nexus are addressed and integrated in the national policies. The concerns and needs of the marginalised and communities at risks are responded; risks reductions, climate resilience and community based adaptation measures are locally identified and implemented. Policy asks are drawn from the work on the ground. Phase Out of Coal in SEA and Transformation of SEA’s Energy System Towards a Renewable Energy Future: We work and advocate on stopping new coal fired power plants and phase in renewable energy, in collaboration with other regional and global networks and movements. We advocate for energy systems, structures and policies towards transformation is inclusive, transparent with good governance. Climate Finance and Investments: We attempt to closely monitor fossil fuel and climate finance of MDBs, Green Climate Fund, public finance, IFIs, private institutions in order to ensure divestments away from fossil fuels and finance rechanneled to renewable energies, while ensuring a balance between mitigation and adaptation finance, advocating for direct access to finance for community needs with gender sensitiveness and responsiveness, and that the fund is spent towards making a development paradigm shift. We engage different groups to hold public and private finance accountable. Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): We maximise the opportunity of SDGs process and implementation to push for a livable and climate resilient future, in an integrated approach. Localising SDGs will be the key in engaging local communities and authorities and enhancing a sense of ownership that will ensure real achievement of SDGs. We monitor the national SDGs process and implementation to ensure inclusive and meaningful participation. New and Emerging Technologies: The need to limit global temperature increase to 1.5oC increases the concerns on new and emerging technologies e.g. clean coal technologies, high efficiency low emissions (HELE), carbon capture and storage (CCS) and geoengineering. They are not tackling the root cause of the problem, rather they are the problems themselves. We engage communities in the discussion and monitor the development and application, and call for social and environmental assessment of these technologies prior to adoption. We do policy advocacy to ensure these technologies do not form the solutions and have to be abandoned. Engagement (local, national, regional and international): We engage, strengthen, empower, and work with grassroots, networks, alliance and movements of different spectrum e.g. fisherfolks, farmers, women, SOGIE, IPs, the elderly, etc, within Thailand and across SEA/Asia.