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Hague, Netherlands

About Cordaid
Cordaid mobilizes global networks, resources and knowledge to tackle root causes of conflict and fragility in some of the most conflict-affected countries. We link relief interventions to longer-term development aid, in areas such as health, security, and justice, and adapt our interventions to levels of fragility. In five inter-connected fields of expertise we use results-based financing to create durable social impact. All our interventions are community based.

Commitment Summary
At global level, and in diverse country contexts (inc. Afghanistan, Burundi, CAR, DRC, and South Sudan), Cordaid harvests insights from programme implementation and translates those insights into actionable policy recommendations, specifically in the areas of security, access to justice, and the inclusive peacebuilding. In conjunction with partners, we aim to mobilize citizens and communities to demand greater responsiveness and accountability from state duty-bearers and power-holders, reinforced by enabling global policy frameworks.

Full Commitment

Priorities in 2019-20 include (1) strengthened accountability and responsiveness of security and justice providers at country level (in Afghanistan, Burundi, CAR, DRC and South Sudan); (2) strengthened access to justice for all along diverse pathways; and (3) local, national and regional peace processes that are inclusive of women and men.