Dalit Welfare Association (DWA)

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About Dalit Welfare Association (DWA)
Established in 1996, Dalit Welfare Association (DWA) is a non-governmental, not-for-profit, and apolitical civil society organization established, led and operated by a group of activists, intellectuals, and professionals from the marginalized Dalit community of Nepal; that primarily aims at empowering, educating and organizing the community for their enhanced socio-economic benefits as well as increased access to services and rights opportunities on the ground of equality and non-discrimination as guaranteed by the international human rights and rights to development apparatuses and national legal frameworks including the Constitution of Nepal 2015.

Commitment Summary
DWA as a champion of rights and development, believes that we would be an important asset to contribute the 2030 Agenda. We are the lead advocate, coordinator, and pioneer in setting the agendas at national and sub-national levels in our specific context and issue. We are hopeful that the platform would enable us to get connected with the international community, get ideas, skills and knowledge across, foster networks and solidarity to the global civil society movements, and more so adopt the best policies and practices serving the humanities around the globe in our country, and society.

Full Commitment
DWA does carry out its interventions in two-pronged approaches – policy advocacy and service delivery. Therein, it does intervening on domestication and localization of international policies, influencing to the government and other concerned groups of actors for Dalit-friendly policies and programs, raising mass awareness, capacitating the community to be vocal about their rights and service agendas; and of course facilitating them to get engaged into sustained livelihood opportunities. It honors the indigeneity in terms of knowledge, skills and practices of the local communities, and builds in them for their betterment. DWA has strong international, national and local network. It is working in 65 districts with human rights and development projects in the country.

The working themes that DWA has been into since its establishment include: untouchability and caste-based atrocities, Dalit human rights, education, health, child protection, poverty and inequality, statelessness, climate change and biological diversity, rural infrastructural development, gender disparity, and responsive governance of the state. It does implement targeted projects and programs for the community on these areas as financed and technically assisted by the international development partners, Nepalese government and private sector. DWA is not a mere implementer of the standalone agendas; rather it endorses holistic development schemes aiming at all-round development of the Dalit community in Nepal.