Desh Seba Sangstha


About Desh Seba Sangstha
Emerge exploitation free society for holding dignity and prosperity of the needy poor peoples of Bangladesh

Commitment Summary
We help to operationalize adaptation governance by developing a minimum performance standard proposal for the built environment that adapts to the best available climate science

Full Commitment
Some of our present activities are highly relevant to climate change on community based adaptation for rural poor in Bangladesh. We are working for empower communities to participates in the development of climate change sensitive interventions and policies, ensuring effective interaction between decision-makers and planners from key climate change affected sectors in both community level and government structures. We care to facilitate delivery resources, support and services to community level, including information, skills, awareness, technologies, finance and basic services and activities aimed at disaster risk reduction. Our activities ensure that risks related to climate change and community based responses to adaptation are mainstreamed into the most appropriate planning frameworks and development plans.