Development & Integrity Intervention Goal Foundation


About Development & Integrity Intervention Goal Foundation
DIG Foundation work towards ensuring Nigeria Peaceful and Democratic Society with Healthy People and Healthy Environment Free from Inequality and Corruption

Commitment Summary
DIG Foundation commitment is the areas of Popularising the SDGs and TAP activities at Grassroots level in Nigeria thereby leaving no one behind, Promotion of Peace, Advocacy for Transparent ,Accountability and Participatory Governance. Mobilising citizens for effective participation in Open Government Partnership. conducting evidence base researches related to SDGs for informed decision making.

Full Commitment
Right to know is Right to live! Citizens knowledge of SDGs is the only way their demand for accountability in SGDs implementation can be assured. Promoting SDGs 16:1 is the only way to guarantee the needed peace for SDGs implementation as there is no development in the absent of peace. evidence base SDGs researched will ensure inform decision making.