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About Friendship Friendship aims to strengthen marginalized communities and empower people to reach their full potential through a sustainable, integrated development approach.

Commitment Summary Friendship has been developing a community paralegal program. The goal of this project is to ensure poor people’s access to justice in the formal and informal justice system. Friendship is particularly focused on some of the key targets of Goal 16 , such as reduction of violence, conflict management, and inclusive and strong institutions.

Full Commitment In 2002 , Friendship started to work with the remote and impoverished communities in the neglected northern and southern parts of Bangladesh. The organization delivers services in six sectors: Health, Education, Disaster Management, Inclusive Citizenship, Sustainable Economic Development, Cultural Preservation. Friendship’s holistic approach to delivering sustainable solutions through these sectors has developed to become a successful integrated model. In 2014, Friendship introduced its community based paralegal activities; Friendship’s paralegal activities are operated by 50 Friendship Community Paralegals(FCP). They work in Legal Information Booths established on the CHAR(island). The Legal Information Booths are the core station from where the FCPs provide communities with various legal service , such as mediation, litigation, counseling, case handling and conflict resolution.