International NGO Forum on Indonesian Development (INFID)


INFID has three missions: 1) Increasing public awareness about human rights values, democracy, equality, social justice and peace through public education 2) Conduct policy research and review and also conduct policy dialogue to promote the creation of a pro-poor policy and ensure the fulfillment of human rights for all societies, especially the poor and marginalized based on the values of democracy, equity, social justice and peace 3) Working together and networking to builds social solidarity at national and international levels. Since 2013, INFID has three programs 1) SDGs 2) Human Rights and Democracy 3) Inequality

Commitment Summary
INFID will promote and advocate SDG16 not only as a goal but also as necessary condition to achieve SDG, at local, national and international level.

Full Commitment
INFID was involved on the SDGs advocacy since 2013, both national and international level. After SDGs adoption in 2015, INFID has a focus to advocate SDGs implementation at national and local level. TAP is a main values for INFID to implement SDGs in Indonesia. At national context, Indonesia already established SDGs National Coordination Team, and INFID become one of a member of SDG16 working group together government and others stakeholders. The SDG16 working group part of SDGs National Coordination Team