Italian Diplomatic Academy

Europe, SDGs

About Italian Diplomatic Academy
Our programs (academic and consultancies) are aimed to promote and achieve a sustainable world; we strongly advocate for the UN agenda; we spread awareness among the CSOs and academia on SDGs and UN relevant topics; we engage more than 5000 youngsters yearly in our UN-related programs; we organize more than 60 conferences/forums/workshops all over Italy and Europe in collaboration with other NGOs and think tanks.

Commitment Summary
Italian Diplomatic Academy (IDA) will create the European Regional Centre of Excellence on SDGs (ERC-SDG) with the main purpose to divulge the researches, workings and developments on SDGs and their effective implementation. The ERC-SDG will also a privileged platform to spread among IDA’s partners and audience the workings and achievements of the TAP Network. We will engage in organizing at least 3 major roundtables per year in Italy, Brussels, and other relevant european cities in order to facilitate dialogue and meeting of concerned NGOs and institutions on SDGs (especially SDG 16).

Full Commitment
IDA commits to the following:

  • Creation of an European Regional Centre of Excellence on SDGs (ERC-SDGs);
  • Organizing at least 3 major roundtables across Europe in order to reunite active organizations and institutions on SDGs;
  • Using the ERC-SDGs as a platform to further spread among the CSOs and the public the workings and achievements of the TAP Network;
  • Encourage IDA’s stakeholders to adhere to TAP Network and to create/organize initiatives on SDGs so to spread awareness among their respective networks