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About Jeune de L’Espoir
JE / DRC has as main priority areas of interventions: Education and basic training of young people; Peace and reconciliation among young people, Health, Agriculture and Sustainable Development, Human Rights, Gender and Gender Equality; Safeguarding and protecting the environment and promoting tourism; Entrepreneurship Youth Employment, Culture, Art and Trade; Social Integration and Immigration.

Commitment Summary
To achieve its objectives, the association carries out the following activities: Conferences, workshop, exchange forums or group focus, Awareness raising, Advocacy, Training, capacity building and coaching, Publications of the articles and animation of the programs Radio-TV, Sanitation works and sensitization, Excursions, visits and cultural activities.

Full Commitment
The JE / DRC, by Provincial Coordination of the Tshopo, takes part in the elaboration of a plan of action of the activities within the framework of the project “Mothers and Children in Health” (MES) with the financing of OXFAM. This project aims to improve the health of mother and child in Tshopo Province,As part of its activities to empower youth and fight against poverty in all its forms, the JE / DRC has solicited and acquired from one of its partners a plot of 4 hectares to an hour of Kimwenza in the municipality of Mont-Ngafula, City of Kinshasa. Given that the DRC has at least 80 million inhabitants with 60% of young people. And more than 70% of Congo’s population lives in poverty. More than 80% live in rural areas and almost 90% live in agriculture. According to a study by the World Bank, the potential of agriculture in reducing poverty would be 4 times greater than any other sector of activity in the world.It is in light of this description of the situation of the Congolese population that the J.E encourages young people to invest in agriculture. Going to agriculture is not just a matter of money, but a question of the will and determination of the people. It’s a gift, a kindness management to save lives. It is with this in mind that a delegation of J.E / DRC came to the place last week to assess the possibilities of starting an agropastoral activity.