Labour, Health and Human Rights Development Centre

Africa, Global, SDG16.1
Lagos, Nigeria

About the Labour,Health and Human Rights Development Centre
Labour, Health and Human Rights Development Centre’s mission is to serve as model human rights driven nongovernmental organization devoted to the promotion, sustenance of human rights, democratic values of equity, justice, fairness, for the realization of human rights and life of dignity for all peoples

Commitment Summary
Establishing strong links across borders and exploring opportunities for mutual cooperation and/or joint actions.

Full Commitment
Labour, Health and Human Rights Development Centre offers a veritable platform to meet other members of civil society across the world to share information, experience, promote our shared values and a wonderful avenue to meet diverse civil society groups and activists committed to this goal, network, learn from each other’s work, knowledge, experience and information sharing, towards developing new tools and strategies. Labour, Health and Human Rights Development Centre seeks to help partners become more familiar with converging areas of lobbying, advocacy and mobilization at international level among civil society and government negotiators especially on common issues which bring us together and those issues that are dividing us.


  1. Monitor and develop documentation and research data bank on/and the promotion, and sustenance of economic, social and cultural rights/policies and human rights in Nigeria
  2. Create public awareness, campaign and educate about human rights, economic and cultural rights
  3. Promote the rights of women, labour, ethnic minorities, indigenous people and the marginalized section of the population, on discrimination and their rights to self determination
  4. To defend and protect the human rights of the indigenous people
  5. To ensure the implementation of international treaties and conventions that will contribute to people’s right
  6. To establish networking/collaboration and solidarity with NGOs and networks that share similar objectives locally and internationally
  7. To promote democratic values of equity, fairness, social justice, good governance, accountability, budget work, climate change, sustainable development and campaign against all form of human rights abuse and violations 8 To work with, collaborate and utilize the mechanism of regional and international human rights bodies to achieve our objectives.