Liberia CSOs Anti-Corruption Coalition

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About Liberia CSOs Anti-Corruption Coalition
Taking into account the commitments undertaken by the government of Liberia under the below‐mentioned international legal documents, including the UN Convention against Corruption, African Union Convention on Preventing and Combating Corruption, Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS): Protocol on the Fight against Corruption and the importance for their decent fulfillment, it is crucial for CSOs to work and consolidate their advocacy in serving as watchdog. The Liberia CSOs Anti-Corruption Coalition is a national umbrella membership organization that brings together Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and activists in the fight against corruption in Liberia. The Coalition comprises of national and local CSOs, national youth and student organizations, media groups, faith-based organizations, women groups, journalists and activists. The Coalition is established to consolidate and coordinate civil society organizations and anti-corruption activists fight against corruption in Liberia through technical assistance, resource mobilization, capacity building and joint program implementation.

Commitment Summary
The Liberia CSOs Anti-Corruption Coalition will commit to provide an independent civil society monitoring of the implementation of the SDGs especially goal 16 and providing the needed evidence based advocacy that compels government for fulfilled promises/commitments. The Liberia CSOs Anti-Corruption Coalition commit to establish a joint civil society process, it will be carried out based on the terms of reference of the national civil society platform and its sub-thematic groups. The Liberia CSOs Anti-Corruption Coalition commit to create more awareness on the SDGs with specific focus on goal 16 through the arrangements for Capacity-Building for youth-led organizations, women groups and community based organizations to mainstream and align the work with the SDGs.

Full Commitment
The Liberia CSOs Anti-Corruption Coalition will commence the engagement with key stakeholders including relevant UN Agencies in hosting a national summit that will enable CSOs track, monitor and engage the sector from an informed background.