Mercy Corps

North America, SDG16.1

About Mercy Corps
Since 1979, Mercy Corps has dedicated itself to helping people facing the toughest challenges survive and move toward a stronger, more resilient future. We live and work in more than 40 countries around the world, partnering with local communities, governments and changemakers to help people triumph over adversity and build stronger communities from within. How we work: Focus on places in transition, where conflict, disaster or instability present opportunities to challenge the status quo and build more secure, productive and just communities. Provide emergency relief in times of crisis, then move quickly to help communities recover and build resilience to future shocks. Promote sustainable change by supporting initiatives that strengthen local markets, promote good governance and are led by the community Seek innovation that creates major breakthroughs against poverty and lasting change in the places we work.

Commitment Summary
Mercy Corps believes that the key to unlocking the aspirations of the SDGs is Goal 16: peace, justice and strong institutions. To accomplish this our work focuses on the nexus of relief, recovery and resilience. We have a target of reaching one million new beneficiaries annually through programs addressing the root causes of conflict.

Full Commitment
Mercy Corps is an international development, humanitarian and peacebuilding NGO. Our mission, and the majority of our work, is focused on fragile countries and contexts. Our theory of change addresses the root causes of grievance and conflict and seeks to build better governance, while advancing equitable economic growth and opportunity. Currently, Mercy Corps is implementing 36 peacebuilding and conflict-mitigation programs in 15 countries that address at least one of the SDG 16 targets.

As one of the world’s larger humanitarian responders, we have committed to expanding the use of humanitarian analysis of context and root cause dynamics to inform program and operational decisions and shape action for greater access and impact in protracted complex crises and countries facing prolonged fragility characterized by fluidity and violence. We have committed to integrating peacebuilding and governance work across relevant programs to ensure we take a holistic and systems approach to the root causes of conflict. We are also prioritizing advocating for more peaceful, just and strong institutions in the countries where we work and ensuring that donor governments improve their policies and practices to support conditions for peace.