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About Network of Rural Women Producers Trinidad and Tobago
Our mission is to enhance the social and economic well being of our membership through capacity building, skills training, leadership development locally and in the Caribbean additionally as a member of UN ECOSOC and a serving member of the UN Women advisory Council we undertake many of the UN projects.

Commitment Summary
In addition to the above we are working with our national Community Police Secretariat in one of the UN Women Foundation Programme also including the support of of 129 Police Youth Clubs throughout the Twin Island State, we are also linking with the wider Caribbean in this project which covers, the rights and responsibility of all, sexual violence, domestic violence plus, the impact of the legal and illegal mining on the environment, water, land, agriculture, infrastructure, plus the exacerbation of climate change on coastal erosion, flooding, and landslides.

Full Commitment
To carry out our commitment we use the 2008 project NATURAL DISASTERS YOUTH SUMMIT, hosted by us with participants from Japan, Taiwan, Argentina, USA and Suriname along with 27 local schools