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About Pakistan NGOs Forum
To advocate for creating space for Civil Society Organizations and to promote citizens” meaningful participation in decision making, governance, planning, implementation and monitoring of development programs.

Commitment Summary
As a national Network of Civil Society Organization PNF is committed to hold the Governments and State Institutions accountable by advocating on behalf of the most vulnerable segments of the Society, strengthen their capacities to be able to genuinely, realize their rights and having access to justice, information, and can coordinate collective action for creating a peaceful society.

Full Commitment
a. The Issue: The people of Pakistan especially those living closer to the border of Afghanistan are facing the problems of growing militancy sponsored by the State Security agencies with a focus on young people and religious forces. To achieve these objectives the Security agencies disturbs the civil governments and there is a continuous conflict between the Civil Government and Armed Forces. The people of the area are government under the laws from the the colonial period having no access to Justice System. b. Objective: To strengthen the capacity of emerging youth and community based to raise their voices for their rights to have access to decision making, justice, information and to be able able to make the Government and State institutions to bring peace and justice to the area. c. Strategy/Work Plan: 1. Networking with the emerging youth Movements of the area. 2. Strengthening the capacity of leadership of the Youth Movement to advocate for Peace, Human Rights, Good governance and accountability. 3. Developing a national narrative for Peace and Justice to replace the old one that is based on National Security Depth Strategy. 4. Creating a liaison between the Civil Society Organisations and the emerging movements working for Peace and Freedom of Expression in the country. d. Theory of Change: a. Capacity building of Youth led movements b. Networking and building liaison between the Youth Civil Society Movements in the country c. Developing and advocating an alternative “National Narrative for Peace, Justice and Governance”.