Palestinian Consultative Staff

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About Palestinian Consultative Staff for developing NGOs and SDGs Palestinian Coalition (PCS)
PCS is an umbrella for the NGOs and CBOs in the West Bank seeking to improve their capacities, increase their coordination, and advocate for their collective interests. PCS takes the Organizational Development approach to institutional development and capacity building of CBOs and NGOs. It pursues a planned process of organizational strengthening. Our approach is based on appreciative methodologies and customized for the needs of the CBOS and NGOs, Transfer of skills and Knowledge is built into our approach as well. We accompany the organization in the planning and implementation of capacity building and provide follow up support throughout the process. Our activities includes: Organizational review and capacity assessment, strategic planning, systems and Manuals development including M&E, Financial and Administrative etc. In fact, Sustainable Economic Empowerment Program Entrepreneurship development in Jenin governorate is now one of the core areas of PCS.

Commitment Summary
PCS has already established a SDGs Palestinian Coalition and is now working to transfer our experiences to other Arab countries, we will be committed to all the needs of TAP network, and will work to achieve their goals and core.

Full Commitment
Supporting entrepreneurship is now of the main strategic objectives of the organization; PCS is now well positioned to establish and institutionalize a business incubation unit within its structure.Through this Program PCS aims at improving the status of marginalized groups as women and youth either individuals or groups through providing them with access to resources, employment, and education to reduce inequality and to promote their full participation in their community. Furthermore, PCS has been working with women Societies in order to increase the competitive advantage of their products. Human rights, Democracy and rule of law Program PCS has a strong Experience in this Program where this Program aims at Enhancing and protecting the main rights for marginalized categories through Monitoring Violations and raise their issue to Decision makers.