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About Projonma Academy
Developing local knowledge and practicing in climate change effects adoption and mitigation for livelihood sustainability of poor fishers and farmers in the catchments area of the Meghna River of Bangladesh. Improving dry fish market in the Dhaka City, the capital city of Bangladesh to enhance income of poor fisher as well as promoting emergency food and shelter support to the poor natural disaster victims in the Meghna River area.

Commitment Summary
Strengthens indigenous and scientific knowledge to cope with land degradation in order to reduce the vulnerability of poor communities of the Meghna River area. Helps communities affected by land degradation to overcome the problems by applying their indigenous knowledge and scientific information. Improves degraded lands by cultivating legumes, adopting crop rotation, making compost fertilizers and establishing fish sanctuaries. Provides income-generating skills to the affected poor families, especially women’s groups.

Full Commitment
Create enabling environment in the society to access disadvantaged peoples in human rights, good governance, gender equity, education, health, better livelihood, adoption to climate change and sustainable environmental resources management. a. Improving livelihoods of disadvantaged peoples and unfortunate communities b. Giving priority the needs of poor community such as poverty, population growth, and access to local development and capacity building c. Raising conciseness in health issues and nutrition especially for mother and children d. Awareness raising in adult literacy and girls education e. Creating self employment environment, better livelihoods by imparting skills training and IGA f. Improving water and sanitation g. Building partnership with public, community and private sectors h. Taking initiatives for disable peoples for rehabilitation in the society i. Mitigating natural disaster through resilience and adoptions j. Opening satellite health clinic and eye camp to extend services to the remote area k. Arranging awards and stipend for poor student in the community l. Promoting uses and conservation of community resources for the benefit of poor community and better environmental impacts m. Conducting field research for learning share and documentation n. Taking initiatives in agricultural and fisheries promotion o. Working in human rights protection especially socially marginalized women and children p. Emergency food and shelter support to the natural disaster victims q. Aware to peoples about cross cutting issues to save environment and better living