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About Saferworld Saferworld sets out to be an active participant in creating the conditions in which peaceful and inclusive societies can flourish.

Commitment Summary 1) Sharing learning and program expertise with network partners and at network events 2) Working to shape and reform HLPF to become a more transparent and accountable platform for civil society participation 3) Supporting regional cooperation for TAP partners on SDG16 in the Horn of Africa.

Full Commitment Saferworld currently implement projects that aim to enable stakeholders in the Horn of Africa to leverage the 2030 Agenda to help build more peaceful, just and inclusive societies. Central to the project strategy is the identification and mobilisation of ‘SDG16 Champions’ – i.e. change-agents who are working to achieve change on issues related to peace, governance and justice in different capacities. The identified SDG16 champions are supported through this project to continue to advocate for change, both through the use of the 2030 Agenda framing but also beyond this.

Saferworld’s intention is to use the 2030 Agenda and SDG16+ to enable action by a range of stakeholders on the particular peace, governance and justice challenges confronting people in the Horn of Africa. In order to deliver on commitments made to the TAP network through this project, Saferworld will:

  • Attend high-level events where TAP Network is present, and contribute to hosting collaborative events. Where appropriate this will include contribution of resources – financial or in-kind.
  • Provide opportunities for TAP Network members to learn from Saferworld project participants and project findings.
  • Work in collaboration with the TAP Secretariat to increase accountability, transparency and participation of the HLPF and other such follow-up and review mechanisms.
  • Liaise with TAP secretariat to ensure that Saferworld activities in the Horn of Africa are connecting with other active members in the region.