Center for the Defence of Human Rights and Democracy (CDHD)

Africa, SDG16.1, SDGs
Democratic Republic of Congo

About The Center for the Defence of Human Rights and Democracy (CDHD)
The Center for the Defence of Human Rights and Democracy (CDHD) is a not for profit organization working for the advancement of human rights and socioeconomic rights in order to ensure social justice and human development.

Commitment Summary
CDHD believes that everyone has the rights to live a better life in a world where justice should prevail. Therefore CDHD is committed to advancing civil liberties, human dignity and equality.

Full Commitment
CDHD’s priorities include contributing to the advancement of democracy and working toward social change in the Democratic Republic of Congo. In this regards, CDHD has put in place thematic areas to pursue the organization commitment; these thematic competencies aim to generate strategic insights, analyses and are used to get the involvement of stakeholders (such as communities) in ensuring community development. CDHD uses different approaches including monitoring, research, advocacy and capacity building to fulfill its mission.

CDHD’s 2016-2020 action plan outlines activities that are totally in line with the SDG16. It expresses the organisation’s priorities that focus on the implementation of various activities relating to political and civil rights, the environment and business and human rights. They include:

• Monitoring the state of human rights (freedoms or civil liberties, gender, democratization, good governance…)

• monitoring the activities of mining companies and individuals with regards to environment degradation

• corporate social responsibility in the mining sector • capacity building of populations ( civil and socioeconomic rights)

In addition, CDHD uses a rights-based approach to contribute to the improvement of the livelihoods of populations. Political rights and socioeconomic rights constitute the basis of CDHD’s contribution to establish a better world for everyone; through them, CDHD answers to the call to achieve the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).