Uganda Peace Foundation

About Uganda Peace Foundation

The mission of Uganda Peace Foundation is “To Build a Peaceful, Enlightened Society Free of Poverty”. The mission will be pursued by implementing a holistic approach to development with a peace awareness programme.

Commitment Summary 

Relative to the “Stockholm Declaration” of 2013 to which I am a stakeholder as a signatory:”a commitment of world military veterans to promote global peace and security”;I commit myself and that of Uganda Peace Foundation that I founded when I retired from the National Resistance Army(NRA) in 1994,to work towards the realisation of SDG 16 and the 2030 Agenda.This is in line with the vision of Uganda Peace Foundation.

Full Commitment 

My commitment will be pursued by implementing a peace awareness and development programme. The objectives relative to development entail: to promote education and training for the indigent, to carry out activities that support industries and businesses, to support infrastructural development and public works, to enhance and boost agriculture and forestry for economic empowerment of the poor, to empower the indigent through finance and banking, and to carry out activities that boost public health and sanitation. In a period of ten years the programme should reach one million people in Uganda and thereafter to more millions of Ugandans. It will also be replicated in other countries in a similar situation like that of Uganda.