VSO International

Europe, SDG16.1

About VSO International
VSO brings people together to fight poverty through its people to people volunteer for development approach. We work in three core program areas, health, education and livelihood. our work is underpinned by three core approaches, social accountability, social inclusion and resilience..

Commitment Summary
VSO is committed to working with the marginalized and vulnerable groups to advocate for policies that enhance participation and accountability

Full Commitment
Citizen-led monitoring (CLM) is an integral part of social accountability programming. Essentially, CLM allows citizens to take control of their own evidence and information and use it to exert influence over institutions that affect their lives. By monitoring public policy and services, citizens are able to tell their own stories, from their own perspectives, about how they experience service provision and the impact it has on their functioning and life chances. In the sector CLM is also referred to as Citizen Generated Data, Participatory Local Monitoring, or Community-based monitoring. Whichever term is used what is common amongst them is that they all involve citizens monitoring some aspects public policy, public services and programmes overtime with some periodic frequency CLM utilizes participatory and accessible tools that allow citizens to reflect on and analyse their own realities but support them to go further to demand rights and accountability from the state, private sector, CSOs and other powerful actors in society. Citizen-led monitoring therefore is a demand driven process where citizens track and monitor aspects of state and institutional performance and use that evidence to claim rights and demand change.