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About WDF (IEO)- World Distribution Federation (International Economic Organization) 

WDF is a UN-NGO international economic organization that participates in the SDGs to support humanity’s peace and economic activities. WDF is an international economic organization founded in the spirit of the United Nations. 1. Free human exchange between countries 2. Free technology exchange between countries 3. Free commodity exchange between countries 4. Free medical exchange between countries 5. Our mission is to eliminate the gap between countries through free trade exchanges between countries and to build a system to support developing countries.

Commitment Summary 

Will train SDGs 16. 1. Review national law. 2. We will actively run nonviolent campaigns. 3. We will establish a TAP organization in each country.

Full Commitment 

1. We will revitalize SDGs International School. 2. Link universities to each country. 3. There will be an organization in each country. 4. Funding will be established by organizing the United Nations Procurement, the United Nations Environment Forum, the UN Medical Council, the World Agricultural Science Administration, and the United Nations Certification Body.