Young Professional Development Society Nepal (YPDSN)

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About Young Professional Development Society Nepal (YPDSN) 

The overall mission of YPDSN is to promote youth participation in democratic processes as well as in community and civic affairs and to ensure that youth programmes engage the youth and are youth-centered.

Commitment Summary 

We are excited to commitment for working together as a collaborative partnership for TAP Partners. Please, feel free to further discuss the most pressing issues facing the progress of the TAP and the world, and hence share a common interest in practical solutions for sustainable development goals through the global ideas. Our partnership has created an international platform, which provides a good opportunity for networking with visionaries, to get an update on what’s on the horizon, adapting to accelerating change, deep insights on SDGs, connecting with stakeholders who contemplate the future. It concerns with research young professionalism and the implementation of various programs.

Full Commitment 

. We have been working youth empowerment, leadership and professional development activities and result-oriented project – programs that can help us and them for entrepreneurship growth and support tourism exchange programs. Our aim is to provide youth professional skill, development and learning opportunity for poor and excluded society generation focus to strengthen them. We plan to achieve our aim by developing, testing and delivering evidence-based, feasible and cost-effective interventions related to professional and social development with greater involvement of youth programs, and communities. We support the government initiatives aimed at poverty reduction in line with the Sustainable Development Goals and targets. Therefore, I would like to explore student exchange and learning tour for research, survey and thesis. We are ready to receive your student here for Nepal and learning program for 7 days program as well as volunteer/internship or study so we can develop collaboration and partnership.