TAP Partners

TAP Network “Partners” are organizations that take part in the substantive work of the TAP Network, and make explicit commitments to implementing SDG16 or towards accountability for the 2030 Agenda. In exchange for making these commitments, “Partners” enjoy an exclusive set of benefits and privileges, and can benefit from direct support from the TAP Network – both technical and financial.

El Salvador
Movimiento de Ongd para el Desarrollo Solidario de El Salvador, MODES, es un espacio de Organizaciones No Gubernamentales.
Namati is building a global movement of grassroots legal advocates who give people the power to understand, use, and shape the law.
TAP Partners
National Campaign for Sustainable Development Nepal
NACASUD was established to promote 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda in Nepal.
Nepal Open University
Lalitpur, Nepal
Nepal Open University formally established in 2016 in Nepal, with endorsement of Nepal Open University act by the parliament of Nepal.
Nepal Peacebuilding Initiative
Kathmandu, Nepal
Nepal Peacebuilding Initiative is an independent, non-profit organization devoted to creating evidence-based policy and actionable impact on peacebuilding and development issues within Nepal.
NET Africa (Natural Environment Technology in Africa)
NET Africa is an environmental management NGO with a focus on wetlands in Africa including lakes, rivers, swamps, marches, peatlands, mangroves and coral reefs.
Network of Rural Women Producers Trinidad and Tobago
Trinidad & Tobago
NRWPTT works to enhance the social and economic well being of people in the Caribbean.
NGO Federation of Nepal
NGO Federation of Nepal
Kathmandu, Nepal
NFN envisions building an inclusive, democratic, prosperous and peaceful society.
Nobo Jatra
Nobo Jatra Foundation
Dhaka, Bangladesh
Nobo Jatra Foundation means to establish and to provide a basic layer of building blocks to the people.
TAP Partners
Cotonou, Bénin
Education Bourse Formation et Orientation scolaire et professionnel