TAP Partners

TAP Network “Partners” are organizations that take part in the substantive work of the TAP Network, and make explicit commitments to implementing SDG16 or towards accountability for the 2030 Agenda. In exchange for making these commitments, “Partners” enjoy an exclusive set of benefits and privileges, and can benefit from direct support from the TAP Network – both technical and financial.

Palestinian Consultative Staff
The Mission of PCS PCS is an umbrella for the NGOs and CBOs in the West Bank seeking to improve their capacities, increase their coordination, and advocate for their collective interests
Partnership for Transparency
Our mission is to advance citizen-led approaches to improve governance, increase transparency, promote the rule of law and reduce corruption
Peace & Justice Network
Peace & Justice Network Pakistan is a national civil society network focusing on implementation of Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 16 on Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions.
Peace Coalition
Washington DC
A coalition dedicated to organizing the world’s peacebuilders into a powerful global movement.
Poverty Reduction Forum Trust
Harare, Zimbabwe
PRFT is a civil society organization with the mandate to influence the formulation and implementation of pro-poor policies.
TAP Partners
Projonma Academy
Projonma develops local knowledge and practice in climate change effects adoption and mitigation.
Red Dot Foundation
Red Dot Foundation's mission is to make cities safer by encouraging equal access to public spaces for everyone especially women, through the use of crowdsourced data, community engagement and institutional accountability.
Regional Centre for International Development Corporation
Regional Centre for International Development Corporation (RCIDC) is committed in Promote peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development
Saferworld sets out to be an active participant in creating the conditions in which peaceful and inclusive societies can flourish.
Sinergia, Red Venezolana de OSC
Sinergia is a network organizations located throughout Venezuela, which seeks to contribute to the consolidation of democratic spaces