Joining the TAP Network

The TAP Network’s engagement structures are broken down into two main categories: “Partners” and “Members,” with each enjoying very different sets of privileges and benefits. These various options for organizations provide a responsive yet flexible engagement structure that enables TAP to identify key implementation partners to support its work, while at the same time being open and inclusive of organizations that are supportive of TAP’s work, but who may be unable to make explicit commitments to helping advance TAP’s work. 

Become a TAP Network Partner

TAP Network Partners are organizations that take part in the substantive work of the TAP Network, and make explicit commitments to implementing SDG16 or towards accountability for the 2030 Agenda. In exchange for making these commitments, “Partners” enjoy an exclusive set of benefits and privileges, and can benefit from direct support from the TAP Network - both technical and financial.

Become a TAP Network Member

TAP Network Members are organizations that can register to stay up-to-date on TAP’s work and can loosely contribute to taking TAP’s substantive work forward. They are able to share in the information and intel-sharing and general updates that the TAP Network has become known for, and have access to a listserv of hundreds of experts on SDG16 and the 2030 Agenda.

Join the External Partners List

If you are not ready to join TAP Network or are not directly affiliated with a civil society organization, join our External Partners List to receive periodic updates about our work and stay in communication with us!

Learn more about becoming a TAP Network Partner Member


As a TAP Network Partner, your organization will be part of a global coalition of civil society organizations that works collectively to advance SDG16+ to promote peace, justice and inclusive societies, and to help enhance accountability for the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The TAP Network works to provide a platform for collaboration, collective advocacy and peer-learning around SDG16+ issues and accountability for the 2030 Agenda more broadly.

By becoming a Partner of TAP Network, your organization will get first access to exclusive TAP resources and opportunities and be invited to contribute and lead in the development of TAP’s work. Additionally, your organization will be showcased for your commitments and accomplishments towards TAP’s collective goals on the TAP Partner Action Platform, one TAP’s main advocacy tools to highlight the work of civil society towards the 2030 Agenda.

In addition to having their organization’s work and their commitments showcased prominently on the TAP Network’s website, TAP Network Partners enjoy a number of privileges and benefits as a result of their commitment to TAP’s work.

Benefits of becoming a TAP Network “Partner”

  • Access to TAP funding and funding opportunities within the community
  • Access to TAP funding and support for national and regional workshops
  • Access to voting on TAP Steering Committee and other ballots
  • Eligibility for upcoming leadership opportunities, including for national or regional engagement, or for membership on the TAP Steering Committee
  • Organization’s work and commitments will be showcased on TAP’s Partner Platform
  • Featuring your work and key resources, events, and funding/partnership opportunities on the TAP Partner Platform
  • Organization’s work be showcased through TAP’s multimedia “Storytelling Initiative,” Newsletter, etc
  • Access to a broad, international community of like-minded organizations, including TAP’s membership and exclusive partnership listserv to promote engagement opportunities, events, resources, etc
  • Ability to contribute to any TAP resources developed
  • Ability to engage in working groups and/or serve as “focal points” of any TAP working/coordination groups


TAP Network “Members” are organizations that are interested in benefiting from the information and intel-sharing and updates from the TAP Network, but may not have the capacity or desire to engage with TAP’s substantive work explicitly. Members benefit from having access to the general membership listerv, which consists of hundreds of organizations and individual advocates for SDG16 and the 2030 Agenda more broadly. TAP Network Members will be identified on the TAP Network website, however the work of their organizations will not be showcased in the same way that TAP Network “Partners” will be featured.  

Find out more about TAP’s engagement structures, including details on becoming a TAP Network “Partner” or “Member” here