Engagement Opportunities

The TAP Network’s work is informed by the experiences of CSOs working on SDG 16 implementation, monitoring, and accountability around the globe, and we encourage our Members and Partners to engage with us in the following ways:

*Please check this page for regular updates and information on upcoming opportunities*

For Members & partners

Listed below are current opportunities for both TAP Members and Partners to engage with our collective work. 

Providing Content for Showcasing TAP Partners and Members through TAP "Storytelling" Initiatives

Over the course of the next several months, the TAP Secretariat will be working to roll out additional opportunities to highlight and showcase the work of Members and Partners, and to improve engagement amongst TAP Members and Partners. If you are interested in this opportunity, we would very strongly encourage you to fill out this form as soon as possible, as we will take up requests on an immediate and ongoing basis.

Contribute Case Studies or Key Resources to showcase in TAP Network "SDG16+ Civil Society Toolkit"

As we continue our work around the TAP Network’s “SDG16+ Civil Society Toolkit”, we will look to feature the work of TAP’s Partners and Members and civil society more broadly in this resource, which will include 1) illustrative case studies from civil society and 2) key resources on approaches to advancing SDG16+ or related to SDG16+ targets. Please fill out both forms no later than the EXTENDED DEADLINE 10 MAY, 2021

Share your Case Studies for the SDG16+ Toolkit: The SDG16+ Civil Society Toolkit will feature relevant case studies on various approaches to SDG16+ advocacy & planning, implementation and accountability, looking to highlight key lessons learned for civil society partners to apply in their own work and contexts. Case studies should be no longer than 600 words combined, and should address all of the questions outlined in the form below.

Share your Key Resources on SDG16+ Approaches and Targets: The SDG16+ Civil Society Toolkit will also feature and highlight a wide range of resources related to approaches for advancing SDG16+, as well as resources that provide background and context on the issues within each SDG16 target.

Sign-up for TAP Working Groups & Regional Engagement Platforms

Express interest for all working groups and Regional Engagement Platforms. Find more information about each opportunity below:

Advocacy Working Group: In response to feedback, TAP will engage in more advocacy-related activities in 2021, particularly around HLPF, to promote our collective work and showcase the important work taken on by our partners. This working group will guide TAP's advocacy-related activities going forward in 2021.

Spotlight Reporting Working Group: To further our work around Spotlight Reporting, we will coordinate a new Spotlight Reporting Working Group composed of interested TAP Partners that will collect and gather submitted reports to showcase to the broader network.

NEW! Regional Engagement Platforms: One of the recommendations from February’s Coordination Call was to revive the TAP Network’s Regional Engagement Platforms to help colleagues coordinate better at the regional level. These platforms will be revived very soon in the near future so that participants can begin to coordinate any potential activities around the 2021 HLPF in July.

Join the TAP WhatsApp Group

In an effort to expand our platforms for dialogue and engagement between TAP Members and Partners, we will be setting up a TAP Network WhatsApp Group in the days ahead, to ensure that colleagues who prefer to engage via WhatsApp have additional channels to communicate and share with one another. Many of you opted into engaging through this WhatsApp group in the recent TAP Membership Refresh form

Read and Endorse the Joint Statement on SDG16+ during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Following up on the SDG16+ Global Community side-event during the 2020 HLPF, we are excited to share with you the "Act for SDG16+" Statement, jointly drafted by the global SDG16+ Community partners. This Global Call-to-Action calls for an increased focus from governments, the UN System and all stakeholders towards advancing SDG16+, particularly in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. As a community, we are convinced that SDG16+ is more important than ever before, and will be critical to response, recovery and rebuilding efforts from COVID-19, and will help to strengthen the resiliency of our institutions and societies to resist future crises or shocks in the future. Sign-on and endorsements are currently open for this Statement, and you can endorse this statement through your organizations via the google form here. We would highly encourage all TAP Partners and Members to endorse this Call-to-Action Statement, as it will help maximize our reach and impact as a community.

Engage with the Campaign for the Decade of Accountability

The Campaign for a Decade of Accountability for the SDGs is a multi-stakeholder partnership mobilizing accountability actors from a wide range of sectors to support accountability for the 2030 Agenda and the SDGs. The Campaign will look to bolster concerted action and amplify efforts to hold duty bearers to account for their commitments to sustainable development in a coordinated manner.

There are currently three ways to engage with the campaign:
(Please note that the Survey is now CLOSED)

For Partners

Listed below are opportunities exclusive to TAP Partners to engage with the network’s substantive work. 

Consider upgrading your membership to become a Partner in order to take part in these featured opportunities. 

Updating TAP Partner Information to Retain "Partner" Status

TAP Network will be looking to update the TAP Network Partner Platform, and are looking for TAP Partners to re-confirm their status as TAP Partners by providing updated organization information and new commitments going forward. Similar to the recent TAP Network Membership Refresh, this mandatory process is to re-confirm your interest in continuing to engage as a valued TAP Network Partner, and will also help us improve our engagement with you in the months to come.

As we approach the 2021 HLPF – which will see SDG16 reviewed for the second time – we will look to update the TAP Partner platform with updated information about the work of TAP Partners, which will showcase the wide-ranging work of civil society around SDG16+. Updating your information will help us ensure that we’re sharing the most current and relevant work of your organization in the lead up to the HLPF and beyond. Additionally, while to-date we have not followed-up on the annual reporting requirement around your original commitments submitted with your original TAP Partner applications, this TAP Partner update will provide the first opportunity for you all to “report” on your original/current “commitments”, where we can then showcase 1) the work that your organization has done in recent months/years, and 2) what your organization is committing to doing in 2021-2022.

Through this mandatory update, we are asking all current TAP Network Members to fill out the form below to update their information to remain as a TAP Network Partner by no later than Monday, 24 May 2021

Submit a Blog Post

TAP Partners have the opportunity to showcase their work and share experiences with the broader TAP Network community. Submitted blog posts will be featured on the TAP website and disseminated through our social media platforms.

Submit a Spotlight Report

To support this important approach to SDG accountability, the TAP Network will collect and showcase civil society spotlight reports.

Host a National Workshop

The TAP Network coordinates capacity-building workshops and trainings at regional, national, and local levels for civil society.

Submit a Case Study

The TAP Network collects case studies from civil society organizations to help maximize learning opportunities.