TAP Network Steering Committee

Term: 2020-2021

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TAP Network Steering Committee (2020-2021)

Organizations from the “Global North”:

–          Civil Society Platform for Peacebuilding and Statebuilding (CSPPS)

–          Accountability Lab

Organizations from the “Global South”:

–          SDG Kenya Forum

–          Asia Development Alliance (ADA)

–          Poverty Reduction Forum Trust


Organizations from the “Global North”

Civil Society Platform for Peacebuilding and Statebuilding (CSPPS)


CSPPS is a South-North non-governmental coalition of peacebuilding organisations, which aims at strengthening the voice and capacity of society to effectively engage in, and influence, peacebuilding and statebuilding as a critical contribution to crisis prevention, sustainable peace and development for all. First hosted and coordinated by Interpeace, and now by Cordaid, CSPPS has been acting since 2011 as the central platform where civil society ideas are generated, where progress with regard to the Peacebuilding and Statebuilding Goals (PSG) is discussed, and where consensus is sought on the course of action to be taken with respect to the International Dialogue on Peacebuilding and Statebuilding (IDPS).

o  Website: https://www.cspps.org/

o  Location: Europe

o  Primary Representative: Mr. Peter van Sluijs (Peter.van.Sluijs@cordaid.org)  

o  Secondary Representative: Ms. Marina Graciolli de Paiva

Accountability Lab

Accountability Lab

Our vision is a world in which people with power are accountable. It is a world in which resources are used wisely, decisions benefit everyone fairly, and people lead secure lives. We are catalyzing a new generation of active citizens and responsible leaders around the world by supporting change-makers to develop and implement positive ideas for integrity in their communities. By enabling people to generate the knowledge, skills and networks needed for accountability, we unleash positive social and economic change. We have three mutually-reinforcing objectives: to support a positive movement to build accountability; provide substantive, flexible and long-term support for those leaders who can collectively lead this movement within specific contexts; and support collaboration around accountability and open governance.

o  Website: http://www.accountabilitylab.org/

o  Location: USA

o  Primary Representative: Ms. Jean Scrimgeour (jean@accountabilitylab.org)

o  Secondary Representative: Mr. Blair Glencorse

Organizations from the “Global South”

SDG Kenya Forum

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SDG Kenya Forum is a platform bringing together diverse civil society organizations (CSOs) constituencies seeking to contribute to the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for sustainable development (SDGs). The forum exists to mobilize and coordinate civil society advocacy for the achievement of SDGs in Kenya through partnerships, citizen engagement, capacity building, policy dialogue, and campaigns, among others.

Driven by the need to:
1. Have a coordinated and structured approach for civil society and citizens to engage the government and other development actors towards the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for sustainable development (SDGs)
2. Have a coordinated and structured approach for civil society and citizens to engage the government and other development actors towards the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for sustainable development (SDGs)
3. Strengthen partnerships and provide technical support to respective government department and development partners that are key to the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for sustainable development (SDGs)

The forum has established basic structures and produced technical resources to guide their engagement with government and to initiate the conversation required to ensure that all development actors in Kenya are on board and engaged with a harmonized implementation strategy. One major milestone was the forum contributed to the Voluntary National Review (VNR) Of Progress On SDGs In Kenya, the report outlines CSO’s input, the process as well as the modalities of work leading up to the development and finalization of the voluntary report and some of the key initiatives that CSO’s in Kenya are engaging in to deliver 2030 Agenda.

o   Website: https://sdgkenyaforum.org/

o  Location: Africa

o  Primary Representative: Ms. Florence Syevuo (flosyevuo@gmail.com)

Secondary Representative: TBD

Asia Development Alliance (ADA)

The Asia Development Alliance (ADA) is an international network of national or sub-national multi-sectoral NGO/CSO platforms or umbrellas in Asia engaged in development issues in the context of the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, in particular the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

ADA was founded in Bangkok in February 2013 as a joint regional platform of the members of the International Forum of National NGO Platforms (IFP) and CIVICUS Affinity Group of National Associations (AGNA) in Asia for a collaboration of other CSO networks such as the Asian Democracy Network(ADN), Global Call to Action against Poverty (GCAP), Good Neighbors International, etc.

ADA is committed to building a just, inclusive, equitable and peaceful community of sustainable societies in Asia and beyond where every citizen and people can enjoy all human rights and democratic freedoms. ADA aims to enhance the effectiveness and impact of civic engagement and advocacy in implementing the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at the national and international levels.

o  Website: http://ada2030.org/

o  Location: Asia

o  Primary Representative: Mr. Hideki Wakabayashi (wakabayashi@janic.org)

o  Secondary Representative: Jyotsna Mohan

Poverty Reduction Forum Trust

The Poverty Reduction Forum Trust (PRFT) is a civil society organization founded in 2008,( Notarial Deed of Trust MA220/2008), with the mandate to influence the formulation and implementation of pro-poor policies in. The Poverty Reduction Forum Trust (PRFT) realizes this mandate through undertaking research on poverty issues, engaging with policy makers, promoting broad-based consultative dialogue and processes, as well as advocating for sustainable human development in Zimbabwe. This is targeted at deepening and widening the debates on policy, strategy and practice and the decision-making processes that impact on poverty in the country.

Mission: The PRFT’s mission is to inform and influence poverty reduction and sustainable human development through research, public dialogue and advocacy.

PRFT’s Key Result Areas:

  • Pro-poor policies informed by credible and reliable information on poverty
  • Pro-poor and sustainable human development put on national agenda and implemented
  • Creating a Critical mass of actors at different levels on the poverty and sustainable development agenda
  • Communities empowered to demand accountability and transparency in the delivery of basic services.

o   Website: http://www.prftzim.org/

o  Location: Africa

o  Primary Representative: Ms. Judith Kaulem (judith@prftzim.org)

o  Secondary Representative: Tafara Chiremba