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[NEW] Download: TAP Network Response to Final Draft of Resolution on HLPF global follow-up and review


[NEW] Download: TAP Network HLPF Position Paper, “Towards a Transparent, Accountable and Participatory HLPF Review System”

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Download: TAP Network Review & Accountability Position Paper


Download: TAP Network Review & Accountability Position Paper in all six official UN Languages


This paper argues that participation and transparency are key principles for robust, effective, and inclusive accountability mechanisms for the Post-2015 framework at all levels – from the local through to the global. If we have meaningful participation and transparency in place, then the Post-2015 ‘follow-up and review’ mechanisms should be able to deliver real accountability for the SDGs.

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TAP Network Responses to SG’s Questionnaire on Follow-up and Review

Compendium – Questionnaire Critical milestones towards a coherent efficient and inclusive follow-up and review of the 2030 Agenda at the global level