Association of District Coordination Committees of Nepal (ADCCN)
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Basic Information

Organization Name:
Association of District Coordination Committees of Nepal (ADCCN)
Organization Regions:
  • Asia/Pacific
  • Organization Country Location:
  • Organization City/Locality:
Operating Languages:
  • English
Organization mission and work description:

According to constitution of Nepal state has named Federal Democratic Republic (Article 4 State of Nepal) and it has decided of Federal, 7 States/Provence, 77 district, and 753 municipalities and Rural Municipalities. Based on that all level elections has been completed and crafted government entities are organized under the leadership of elected people representative. According to the provisions made in the constitution there is solo power, cooperative power to all Federal, provincial and local level government system. (Article no. 57 of the Constitution) Among 753 Municipality and Rural Municipality (460 Rural Municipal/Gaunpalika and 293 Municipality) The executive power has been provisioned (Annex 8), also these are some other power to be carried out commonly by the federal, province and local level (Article 57 (3) article 109, article 162 (4) and Article 197, Article 214 (2) - 221 (2) and Article 226 (1)) jointly. Accordingly constitution has made provisions on functional district coordination committee and District Council (Article 220). According to constitutional provision on local executive (Part 17 of the constitution Article No. 214 to 220) is mentioning all Rural Municipality, Municipality and district council and District Coordination Committee. Hence, DCC has separate power and role than other two local level Government. According to constitution Article no. 220 (7) the district council has authorized to: (i) Coordinate all Rural Municipality and Municipalities, (ii) Monitor all developmental activities for the balancing of development in the respective district (iii) Coordinate with federal and provincial entities/offices between Rural/Municipalities and (iv) carryout other assigned role/functions according to the legal provisions made by the provincial government. Having said that, the vital role of the district coordination council/committee has also explained in local level government operations Act 2074(clause 92 to 96) for the functional role of the council, council budget, a provision of district coordination official, coordination with district level entities and meeting of the council and committees. Despite of all such provisions there must have to develop law/regulations by province and federal government. But it has not yet instructed any activities and budget allocation. Many of the local municipal government seemed self-content and busy for the program and budget planning and negating the existence and role of DCC. Being the member of district council there must have initiation for the district council meeting and approval of work plan and budget as the role specified in constitution (article 57) and also instructed by the province (if any). DCC is not equally proactive for the exercise of their roles and responsibilities and awaiting the law/regulations that will be made by provincial government which is delaying. In the contrary, there has been observed several coordination gaps and mistrust among local level government in causes of sharing resources and assuming the responsibilities for the demand and implementation of mega project jointly.

Organization's Contacts

  • Primary Contact Name:
    Krishna Chandra Neupane
  • Primary Contact Title:
    Executive Secretary General
Additional Contacts Names:
  • Additional representative #1:
    Navaraj Gelal, Chairperson
  • Additional representative #2:
    Dinesh Shrestha, IT Officer
  • Additional representative #3:
  • Additional representative #4:


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Organization's Work & Expertise

Organization's SGD16 Expertise:
  • 16.1 - Significantly reduce all forms of violence and related death rates everywhere
  • 16.3 - Promote the rule of law at the national and international levels and ensure equal access to justice for all
  • 16.5 - Substantially reduce corruption and bribery in all their forms
  • 16.6 - Develop effective, accountable and transparent institutions at all levels
  • 16.7 - Ensure responsive, inclusive, participatory and representative decision-making at all levels
  • 16.a - Strengthen relevant national institutions, including through international cooperation, for building capacity at all levels, in particular in developing countries, to prevent violence and combat terrorism and crime
  • 16.b - Promote and enforce non-discriminatory laws and policies for sustainable development
Organization's Areas of Expertise:
  • Accountability for the 2030 Agenda
  • Policy Analysis & Advocacy
  • SDG Data and Indicators
  • Public mobilization & Campaigns
  • HLPF and UN Development System Reform
  • Gender Equality
  • Capacity building/CSO training & education

Current Commitment to SDG16+

Summary of commitment:

As the role stipulated in the constitution of Nepal (Article 220 sub.7) all 77 districts are active in their role of intergovernmental coordination and Monitoring and reporting the activities implemented by the federal and provincial entities in their respective district. Their monitoring and reporting has been enriching federal government to decide the allocation of development grants.

Organization's priorities and work in relation to commitment:

Organization's work related to TAP network's SGD16+ work & accountability for 2030 Agenda:

Plan on engaging in TAP's work as a Partner:
  • Thematic Working Groups
  • Interest in leadership/coordination opportunities within the TAP Network
  • Exploring partnerships with like-minded organizations
  • Exploring opportunities for hosting TAP Network national or regional-level capacity building activities


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