Accountability Lab

Global, North America, SDG16.5, SDG16.6, SDG16.7
Washington, DC

About Accountability Lab

The Accountability Lab makes governance work for people everywhere by supporting active citizens, responsible leaders and accountable institutions. We are reimagining how to build accountability to support a world in which resources are used wisely, decisions benefit everyone fairly, and people lead secure lives.

Commitment Summary 

Build a global network of government officials working with integrity through the Integrity Icon campaign. Integrity Icon finds, celebrates and supports public servants with integrity. We are now creating unlikely networks among these officials to build coalitions for change, share ideas and push to shift norms within institutions towards integrity, in support of SDG16.

Full Commitment 

Integrity Icon ( is a global campaign to change the narrative around corruption, moving from “naming and shaming” wrong-doers to “naming and faming” the do-gooders- the public servants within governments who are working with integrity. This is a powerful change- that builds hope, creates positive conversations and highlights role-models that can inspire the next generation. The objective of our commitment is not the campaign itself but to build a network among these officials to shift institutional norms towards honesty and change individual integrity into collective accountability across governments. The work is already underway and we commit to bringing over 100 officials into this network across 10 countries by 2030, working with them closely to collaborate and push for reforms.