About AfroLeadership
AfroLeadership is a CSO registered in 2010 in Cameroon, promoting sustainable development goals and mainly goal16, through its work on transparency, accountability and citizen engagement. It has been involved since its inception in advocating for just, transparent and accountable institutions in Cameroon and Francophone Africa. AfroLeadership is part of the open data for sustainable development network as it believes data and statistics are critical to assess progress and goals achievement.

Commitment Summary
Since joining TAP-Network several years back, AfroLeadership has been deeply involved in TAP activities and work. In 2017, we started building a regional TAP Network for Central Africa. Our commitment is then to promote TAPNetwork activities in Francophone Africa as a whole, by building this coalition and bringing more organisations and activists in TAP-Network advocacy. As the accountability handbook is being drafted, we will use to train organizations belonging to the coalitions as well as assessing the impact of TAP work on public and local administrations.

Full Commitment
As continuation of work already started, this coalition aims at developing awareness around TAP-Network’s activities, goals and objectives in Sub-saharan francophone Africa, by providing a structured framework.

AfroLeadership is committed to:

• Set Up an online platform for the TAP-Network Coalition in Central/West Africa

• Organize a launching regional meeting for TAP Network Coalition in Central Africa

• Launch Country TAP Network Coalition for each country in Central Africa Promoting the SDG16 Data Initiative AfroLeadership is among actors working for open data for transparency, accountability and participation.

We will use our leadership in Open Data to promote the SDG Data Initiative that is a very critical point in TAP-Network activities. Promoting TAP in Finance for Development As an actor in the field of fiscal transparency, AfroLeadership will certainly promote TAP-Network activities around budget transparency, as we need to track Sustainable Development Goals funding in order to ensure a sufficient resources are being devoted to achieve each goals, and that resources devoted are being used efficiently. In this line, AfroLeadership will also raise awareness in TAP-Network community on public contracts derived from spending expenditures to achieve the goals, as transparency and accountability in this matter could help ensure better service to citizens as well as better use of money.