Article 19

Article 19
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About Article 19
ARTICLE 19 believes that freedom of expression, freedom of the press and access to information is a fundamental human right, central to individual freedoms and human rights. We also believe that freedom of expression is an empowerment or cornerstone right, in that it enables other rights to be protected and exercised. It allows people to demand the right to health, to a clean environment and to effective implementation of poverty reduction strategies.

Commitment Summary
ARTICLE 19 promotes Goal 16 globally though advocacy and national and global levels and national projects on enhancing communities’ access to information and participation relating to water, health, education and other development issues.

Full Commitment
Article 19 is the secretariat for the UN Friends of Sustainable Development Group, which brings together interested member states with experts to discuss Goal 16 issues. It also produces a yearly synthesis R report “Open Development” which monitors the progress of SDG 16.10.2. At the national level, ARTICLE 19 offices are engaged in the VNR processes.