Badhon Manob Unnayan Sangstha

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About Badhon Manob Unnayan Sangstha
Badhon’s mission is to work in a participatory and sustainable way with disadvantaged and minority people to alleviate poverty and improve access to Human Rights.

Commitment Summary
Badhon is currently focused on: 1. Promoting Science Education in Secondary School and Develop Science Club 2. Democratic Budget Movement 3. Non- formal primary Education for dropping out children. 4. Encourage youth leadership through civic engagement.

Full Commitment
BADHON is trying to establish social awareness in the south-west region of Bangladesh in Bagehot district since June’ 2001. Now we are trying to establish basic human rights, encourage youth leadership, governance and climate friend livelihoods For marginalized farmer, person with disability, women, adolescent and young people. Badhon also working with the network of Campaign for good governance, Democratic budget movement, Food security, Gender and water alliance and established a Community action network for tax justice.