Brain Builders Youth Development Initiative

Africa, SDG16.10, SDG16.6, SDG16.7, SDG16.8

About Brain Builders Youth Development Initiative 

Brain Builders Youth Development Initiative is a Nigerian civic organization that applies technology for citizen engagement with institutional improvement to facilitate societal change.

Commitment Summary 

To use creative technology to simplify public information, stimulating a community of active citizens and enabling their right to demand accountability, institutional reforms, efficient service delivery and equitable society.

Full Commitment 

Founded in 2014, Brain Builders Youth Development Initiative is a non-government organization [NGO] whose mission is to empower marginalized communities in Africa. We strengthen local communities by creating platforms for dialogue, enabling informed debate, and building capacities of citizens on how to hold their government accountable through Follow The Money. BBYDI provides marginalized and vulnerable communities with resources to amplify their voices with independence and integrity while providing the communities with information that ushers social and economic progress. To enhance effective democratic governance and accountability, BBYDI creates platforms [mobile and web technologies] that close the feedback loop between citizens and the government. With global expertise and reach, we focus on community outreach, influencing policies, practices, and knowledge mobilization. BBYDI’s commitment to participatory capacity & community building and monitoring and evaluation creates effective and sustainable programs even within the most challenging environments.