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About Candid Concepts Development
In light of new challenges and opportunities for the human race our purpose is to develop and promote new ways of thinking about human fulfillment and social progress which speaks directly to our strapline-“Progressive Empowerment.” Our vision is to be a powerful and innovative force. We work with partners to generate real progress in our chosen project areas and want to be seen as a source of commitment and insight in communities from global to local. At the foundation of our work are continuing beliefs in positive human progress, environmental sustainability and principled assurance united now with public assurance and social inclusion. In pursuing these goals we are led by four values: independence, commitment, honesty and directness. Our way of working consists of providing a platform for new ideas; working with partners to direct and translate knowledge and progressive thinking into practical change; and inspiring others to be a force for civic innovation and social change.

Commitment Summary
The commitment of CCDA is to global development at all levels specifically emphasizing sustainability and the sustainable development goals for developing countries and adopting these principles while applying new theories and ideas to development and ultimately to the progression of the SDG’s. CCDA also commits to innovative and practical solutions that will impact policy and law while encompassing a myriad of economic concepts that will drive development and peak the interest globally for sustainable developments in the future. CCDA also is committed to theoretical concepts that can be developed into practicality and will prepare future generations for further global changes.

Full Commitment
CCDA currently is partnered with major partners to bring about policy changes and capacity building. The objective is to impact sustainable development by highlighting the advantages of adopting sustainable practices and the global goals which serve as a metrics to further development initiatives and practical ideas that can be shared and outcomes measured. The Caribbean is a very difficult region to bring immediate change but as the momentum builds and with the adoption of Agenda 2030 there will be further work plans and timelines that can allow for positive projections of commitments made. Currently CCDA has partnered with a major business entity in the country and is preparing to meet with a major financial entity to discuss a consumer protection campaign that will be the first in its kind in the Bahamas. We expect that this will be an opportunity to work with external stakeholders and highlight the companies innovative, pragmatic and practical ideas. It is expected that these commitments will fit the S.M.A.R.T criteria and provide realistic ambitions and results. CCDA looks forward to more opportunities to bring ideas that are researched, relevant and can be tied into the global goals. It is further expected that other campaigns and programs will be a part of our commitment and overall objective.