Centre Stratégique Pour La Promotion Du Développement Durable

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About Centre Stratégique Pour La Promotion Du Développement Durable

The Strategic Center for the Promotion of Sustainable Development is an initiative to try to contribute to the promotion of the 17 goals of sustainable development. Our association created in 2017, our vocation is the promotion of sustainable development among young people as well as we try to encourage other associations the government to put a strategy for the 2030 agenda. We have contributed to the realization of the first voluntary national report which was presented in July to the UN, similarly we were able to contribute to awareness through a Forum, we participated in calls for projects with our future project: sustainable development clubs within colleges. 

Commitment Summary 

Our objective through our association to put through forums for the promotion of the objective SDG16 in collaboration with lawyers and authorities for the implementation of the reform of justice and human rights

Full Commitment 

We are preparing our first forum for the promotion and encouragement of the authorities for the implementation of the strategy of the 2030 Agenda as well as the establishment of a program with all stakeholders for the reform of justice with lawyers and the bodies responsible for the reform as well as the implementation of the program for the achievement of indicators for monitoring objectives.