Children and Young People Living for Peace

Africa, SDGs

About Children and Young People Living for Peace 

To create veritable platforms for most vulnerable children and young people to learn about peace and make it happen by themselves, for themselves. We work to localize the SDGs in grassroot communities in Nigeria and help translate what SDGs and how citizens can benefit from it.

Commitment Summary 

To reach 100 vulnerable communities in Nigeria who have never heard of SDGs before, with information about SDGs and what they are, and how local communities can participate and benefit from the Agenda so that they are not left behind.

Full Commitment 

We will carry out our commitment through workshops and town hall sensitization meetings with the locales, and will work for a period of 5 years timeline to achieve our set objective. After the first 5 years, we will do a review to determine our strength and impact, then refocus for scale-up.