Citizens for Justice, Employment and Transparency (C-JET)

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About Citizens for Justice, Employment, and Transparency (C-JET)
• To work towards greater peace, inclusiveness, full employment, good governance and optimal utilization of resources for sustainable development in states and communities. • With the benefit of past collaborations with Lite-Africa and Global Rights (on Voluntary Principles, VPs) C-JET has sustained advocacy on respecting human rights among two IOCs in the community. • C-JET currently networks with reputable organizations like Civil Society Coalition on Sustainable Development (CSCSD) for achieving the SDGs in Nigeria.

Commitment Summary
• The engagement of public institutions in activities for ensuring peace and inclusiveness, youth empowerment, sustainable progress, easier and faster access to justice, with transparency and accountability in governance at all levels. • C-JET has very competent and committed economists, lawyers, university teachers, highly regarded religious adherents and business practitioners as key personnel or volunteers.

Full Commitment
• To advance C-JET’s BUSINESS PHILOSOPHY/CSO ENGAGEMENT APPROACH, thus: “While Governments and their agencies may often mean well for their citizenry in their policies and programmes, the exigencies, diversities and enormity of competing demands can make the outcomes from actual operations of governments fall short of public expectations. Civil society organizations have a responsibility to both anticipate and highlight such underperformances by engaging the officials, ministries and agencies of governments in collaborative relationships on how to minimize the incidence of such systemic limitations. • To advance in stronger terms the desired changes amongst CSOs and public institutions of their understanding of the centrality of peace and inclusiveness in the realization of any desired success at achieving the SDGs, crucially Goal 16. • To convincingly advocate and realize a paradigm shift amongst CSOs in their crucial roles in effectively engaging government institutions towards implementing and achieving the SDGs, centrally the Goal 16. • To advance alternative/complimentary proposals towards significantly improving/measuring transparency and accountability in governance under the SDGs, particularly as outlined by TAP whose global network vision greatly attracts C-JET. • To engage the national and sub-national governments on increased performance in Transparency and Anti-corruption programmes, particularly in the Niger Delta area of C-JET’s domicile in Nigeria.