Human Rights First Rwanda Association

Human Rights First Rwanda
Kigali, Rwanda

About Human Rights First Rwanda (HRFR) Human Rights First Rwanda Association (HRFRA) promotes human rights education and provides legal assistance to marginalized groups.

Commitment Summary As members of the East African Civil Society Forum which comprises of over 100 organizations and Chairs of the Legal Aid Forum which has over 40 Legal Aid providers in Rwanda Human Rights First Rwanda commits to make these platforms part and parcel of TAP by harnessing the potential that these avenues to propel Work around Goal 16 As has been customary in the tenure of the Steering committee HRFRA will offer voluntary contributions to the TAP Network in a bid to ensure sustainability of our Network.

Full Commitment Goal 16 Peace Justice and Strong Institutions Being part of the Beyond 2015 negotiations in framing the Agenda for ‘The World We want’ enabled HRFRA to zero down on Goal 16 as the focus standalone goal with the indicators under in which are relevant to the work that we do. Advocating for Goal 16 at regional, national and sub-national level enables us to work in tandem with all relevant stakeholders in advocating for the aforementioned goal. Access to Justice Vulnerable and Stigmatized members of the society who need a streamlined and accessible means of justice catered for their specific needs is our other niche. In promoting Equality and non-discrimination through representation, advocacy and awareness raising, Goal 16 of the SDG’s matches the fit of this entry point for HRFRA.