Improve Your Society Organization (IYSO)

Middle East, SDG16.1, SDG16.10, SDG16.6

About Improve Your Society Organization (IYSO)

Improve Your Society Organization IYSO is a non-governmental independent organization aiming at peacebuilding, promote youth participation in civic life, and empower them to make a positive change in their communities. IYSO has started as a voluntary social initiative in 2010, and it has been registered legally as an organization since 2015. Our mission is to involve all community group, especially youth and women in programs which contribute to promoting peacebuilding and community development.

Commitment Summary

The IYSO will deal with issues of sustainable development from a practical point of view in various fields. It contributes to building the capacity of institutions, organizations and initiatives of civil society in Yemen in the fields of sustainable development with aims to strengthen the role and performance of civil society institutions and to consolidate their efforts to achieve an effective role in the development and stability of Yemen within the goals of sustainable development. The IYSO also will create opportunities for cooperation between Yemeni CSOs and their counterparts in international institutions, and encouraging and adopting active partnerships for development projects to create distinctive development projects in Yemen.

Full Commitment 

The IYSO priorities:

– Enhancing Government & Community Performance Contributing to improving the constitutional and legal environment for better performance of civil society organizations working in the field of sustainable development. Promoting the concepts and goals of the sustainable development and their role in enhancing government performance. Capacity-building of public and private sector institutions and civil society in sustainable development.

– Community Empowerment (Youth, Women) Building capacity of youth and women. Enhancing the role of women and youth in achieving the goals of sustainable development in Yemen. building capacity of youth and women’s initiatives and institutions working in the area of sustainable development. Sponsoring young male and female entrepreneurs who achieve sustainable development goals.

– Awareness and Publication Building awareness platforms for sustainable development goals in Yemen Launching indicators and reports on sustainable development in Yemen Issuing researches and studies on sustainable development in Yemen Providing legal support for civil society organizations working in the field of sustainable development

– Advocacy & Mobilization Monitoring and documenting sustainable development issues in Yemen. Mobilizing and advocating sustainable development issues in Yemen. Providing legal support for civil society organizations working in the field of sustainable development. The theory of change relies on the principle that the Yemeni society has a wide range of active youth, representing creative energy that can be directed to contribute to achieving sustainable development on a participatory basis that will achieve a prosperous future for Yemen, through coordinating the efforts of individuals, initiatives and institutions, sharing their experiences and participating in working together to move forward in achieving the sustainable development goals in Yemen.