Institute for Democracy and Mediation

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About Institute for Democracy and Mediation (IDM)
The Institute for Democracy and Mediation (IDM) is an independent, non-governmental organization, founded in November 1999 in Tirana – Albania. Its mission is to strengthen the Albanian civil society, to analyze and support the EU accession and development process in the country, and to help consolidation of good governance and inclusive policy making. IDM carries on its objectives through expertise, policy analysis, applied research, as well as through building capacities of key societal actors and developing partnerships for evidence-based policy alternatives.

Commitment Summary
IDM is committed to monitor the Implementation, follow-up and review SDG16 or towards accountability for the 2030 Agenda in Albania for a peaceful, just and inclusive society. The commitment will implement through periodic monitoring reports, awareness raising campaign, advocacy activities, capacity building, and direct work with stakeholders and related activities, combined with policy analysis and research to improve efficiency of sustainable development policies.

Full Commitment
The Institute is actively contributing in the framework of the following policy areas: governance, accountability and public integrity; civil society development and evidence based policy-making and Local governance, decentralization and sustainable development.

IDM has been focused on improving governance through enhancing institutional and public accountability. Models of transparency for municipality, institutional integrity index, trust in government surveys, community policing, governance risk assessment reports, organize crime assessment report, citizens empowerment etc are some of the initiatives which represent important IDM milestones which have (re) defined government policies and international donor programs (UNDP, OSCE) in Albania.While continued focus on these issues IDM will increasingly focus on governance and rule of law, social cohesion, rural development which are the priorities fields of Albania for 2017-2021 on sustainable development. Particular attention will be dedicated to develop substance-relevant benchmarking models and advocate with national authorities.

IDM will seek to share with influential regional players an Albanian perspective on matters of shared interest and to internalize in the national discourse various policy debates such as good governance, integrity building and public trust in institutions; Interplay, dimensions and how to tackle state and societal capture. IDM has increased over the past 3 years the number of projects with a re-granting (for CSOs development) mechanisms. Thanks to its expertise on contextualized assessment methodologies and in generating policy relevant evidence IDM has increased the portfolio of commissioned research awarded by various international organizations. Improving the enabling environment for civil society, meaningful consultations, civic intelligence to produce change and mechanisms to further develop civil society will remain at the center of IDM work.

Through an invigorated approach IDM will analyze the sources and infrastructure of authoritarian tendencies and “stabilocracy” as a barrier to development processes.The most important achievements of Local Government Integrated Development (LGID) in the recent years include the successful advocacy for community-based structures in the law of self-governance in Albania, the ongoing work to establish community liaisons in a number of Albanian municipalities, the establishment of the Albanian Network for Rural Development (ANRD) (2015) and its self-sustaining operation over the past two years as a result of IDM mentoring. Given ANRD success as self-sustaining structure with IDM mentorship, as well as its achievements on rural development issues, we are currently reviewing progress and assessing alternatives of future IDM work on integrated rural development. Nevertheless, LGID department’s work on decentralization and local governance theme will remain a priority for IDM.