International Governance Institute


About  International Governance Institute
Our mission is changing the culture of communities, so as to make corruption unacceptable, influencing those seeking public office to exercise good governance and educating the people in participating and maintaining public accountability

Commitment Summary
To integrate TAP activities into our country programs and activities by July 2018, To provide trimester reports on country programs conducted as they relate with and foster SDG16 each year. To lobby political will locally for the realisation of SDG16 regionally and mobilise civil society in advocating for the full implementation of SDG16 in countries where we have affiliations by 2020.

Full Commitment
Designing programs and projects along the lines of fostering the implementation of SDG16, Organising more awareness meetings and round tables on SDG16 to create more awareness and participation of civil society, lobby for policy changes in favor of SDG16 targets and provide regular report to TAP network on our activities and program implementation efforts including achievements and challenges in fostering SDG16 within countries and communities of our operation.