Management and Sustainable Development Institute

Asia, SDG16.1, SDGs

About Management and Sustainable Development Institute (MSD) MSD envisions a world of justice and equality, where civil society plays as an effective independent actor/ partner with their own rights and the rights of marginalized and vulnerable communities are respected. As a Vietnamese non-governmental organisation, MSD is taking efforts to enable environment for the development of civil society sector and to promote the rights of marginalised groups, especially children, youth, women and people with disabilities.

Commitment Summary MSD commits to SDG 16 and 17.

Full Commitment Inspiring CSOs is one of two main programs of MSD with the purpose of building capacity of local CSOs in implementing Istanbul Principles and advocating for enabling environment for local CSOs since 2012. After A2030, MSD has its new strategy for 2016 – 2020 to: (1) Promoting CSOs, government and private sectors’ practice in promoting transparency and accountability by strengthening the self-regulation system; (2) Creating professional learning and sharing platform for CSOs to join efforts of spreading transparency and accountability; and (3) Promoting CSOs’ partnership with government, development partners and private sectors. It is not only to enhance CSOs’ financial sustainability but also the equitable and accountable partnership for enabling environment.