National Campaign for Sustainable Development Nepal

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About National Campaign for Sustainable Development Nepal (NACASUD-Nepal)
NACASUD was established in 2017 to promote 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda in the country. Its mission is to “Promote sustainable development following the principles of leaves no one behind.” NACASUD is an autonomous, independent and politically non-partisan organization it follows a highly participatory approach in the delivery and implementation of its services. Currently it is supporting the local governments to mainstream the 2030 Agenda in local development process.

Commitment Summary
NACASUD would like to express full commitment to work on key agendas of TAP network focusing on SDG 16.

Full Commitment
NACASUD wants to localize SDG 16 in the country through engaging with local governments and other stakeholders. It will support the grassroots people to identify key issues related with SDG 16 and initiate constructive dialogues at local level for policy changes and operational interventions. Various programmes will be implemented at local level to address the issues and challenges. Experiences, reflections and lessons will be shared at sub-national, national and international level. Country experiences will help to take appropriate decisions to TAP Network at regional and global level.